Account Title : PAAG WELFARE ORGANIZATION | Account # 06-01-30-20311-714-218497 | Bank: Habib Metropolitan bank, Ittehad Branch Karachi - Pakistan


Health should be the foremost priority. Without good health everything becomes meaningless, which speaks the significance of good health. Unfortunately, health in our society is given least priority. There can be many reasons for this state of mind, but primary reasons are the meagre economic resources and lack of awareness. We intend to provide medical facilitation such as:

  • Health-conscious seminars in rural Sindh on the importance of good health.
  • Health check-up camps across Sindh to diagnose preventive symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cancer.
  • Distribution of pills (vitamins, iron, calcium) and medicated milk bottles amongst women, children, and elders.