Account Title : PAAG WELFARE ORGANIZATION | Account # 06-01-30-20311-714-218497 | Bank: Habib Metropolitan bank, Ittehad Branch Karachi - Pakistan

Founder Message

Muhammad Zargham Mirza

I dream for an era when we won’t need any shelter homes or NGO’s, because these things are a resultant of injustice, insensitivity, and immorality; an era when people won’t leave their parents especially when they need them the most; an era when women will be safe in their homes as well as on street; an era when people won’t exploit others for other’s benefits— only then we’ll become a welfare state and only then our shelter houses will be vacant. Until that day, I am going to give my full potential to help those in need of support, be it financial, moral, or legal. I firmly believe that my work is a God-given inspiration and I have no words to express how grateful I am to Allah Almighty for choosing me to serve human race. I welcome you to share my vision and join hands with PAAG Welfare Organization, sponsor, or volunteer. Together, we can work together and make a greater difference than if we work alone…