Health should be the foremost priority. Without good health everything becomes meaningless, which speaks the significance of good health. Unfortunately, health in our society is given least priority. There can be many reasons for this state of mind, but

Children’s care

Ignorance in the matter of children’s health and education is an unalterable and fatal crime. Healthy children have creative minds and healthy physique. These children then excel in education and professional fields in future


For any nation to prosper education is imperative. Illiterate people become unsurmountable impediment in the success of any country. Investment in education, for Pakistan, is the need of hour to bring out country from the state of emergency

Elderly Issues

Elderly issues are unheeded. After a hard and long life, senior citizens resources start to exhaust and health deteriorate. At this age they need constant care and support. Their needs demand immediate provision. We pay heed to their needs

Women Empowerment

In the laps of mothers, the future of nations are decided. Women empowerment is directly proportional to a strong and developed nation. Women health and education are significant to us. We value their existence. Therefore,

Legal Aid

Shortcomings of legal system are borne by the poor section. Verdicts without proper defense is injustice. Poor people falsely accused cannot afford legal fee expenses. Juvenile inmates can be liberated after paying meager amountugh

Who we are

AFGHN-13198; Afghanistan; 1980. A young girl holds her sibling.

Our Story

As a non-profit organization with many years of operation, we always strive for our mission with a modern vision and we hope more people can contribute to our activities years ...

Our Vision

PAAG Welfare Organization has a vision of making Pakistan a great country to live in, where even person has means to feed his family, kids has a right to education, every patient has resources to get treatment. We have and endeavor for a society whose key characteristic is patience and tolerance, something badly needs.

Our Mission

"To be the principal charitable organization of Pakistan, and be self-reliant and committed to supporting and alleviating human sufferings through providing educational, medical and community support, while acting in compliance with fundamental principles and humanitarian values of the PAAG Welfare Organization."


Account Title : PAAG WELFARE ORGANIZATION - Account # 06-01-30-20311-714-218497
Bank: Habib Metropolitan bank, Ittehad Branch Karachi

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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.